Our approach starts with listening.

Generational Wellness understands that each person is unique in their circumstance and situation. Our way to help adolescents and adults with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties is through individualized psychotherapy or “talk therapy.” This is in conjunction with medication management and counseling. This way we guarantee that each session touches upon a significant improvement towards mental wellness in Goodyear, Arizona.

We address the following major conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Mood and Bipolar Disorders
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Substance abuse and opioid dependence
  • Trauma and PTSD

Mood Disorders
Mood disorders are emotional disturbances which consist of prolonged periods of excessive sadness, excessive joyousness, or both. Mood disorders can occur in children and adolescents (see Depressive Disorders in Children and Adolescents). Examples of mood disorders are Major depressive disorder — prolonged and persistent periods of extreme sadness. Bipolar disorder — also called manic depression or bipolar affective disorder, depression that includes alternating times of depression and mania.

Trauma & PTSD
Trauma & PTSD is a disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. It may last months or years, with triggers that can bring back memories of the trauma accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions. Symptoms may include nightmares or unwanted memories of the trauma, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the trauma, heightened reactions, anxiety, or depressed mood.

Addiction: Substance Abuse & Use – Alcohol & Opioid Dependence
Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and behavior. When you’re addicted to drugs, you can’t resist the urge to use them, no matter how much harm the drugs may cause. Drug addiction isn’t about just heroin, cocaine, or other illegal drugs. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), including opioid treatment programs (OTPs), combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders.

Anxiety Disorder
The term “anxiety disorder” refers to specific psychiatric disorders that involve extreme fear or worry, and includes generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder and panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, selective mutism, separation anxiety, and specific phobias.

In tackling the above conditions, we furnish for you these services:

At Generational Wellness, we seek to alleviate the life of every individual to its maximum capacity by making use of all available treatment solutions. These includes using cutting-edge medications and modalities of treatment. Hence, we have taken the essential steps to be your trusted Spravato treatment center.

SPRAVATO is a treatment recommended for treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Patients are advised to seek proper prescription and referral from your psychiatrist as to determine appropriateness of the said medication to your condition. Once deemed necessary, you may shedule and contact us for your treatment appointment. The procedure is handled by certified healthcare providers and is done through careful consideration of your overall health.

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