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Generational Wellness, PLLC provides psychiatric health care services for Goodyear and surrounding communities serving adults and adolescents seeking prevention, treatment and recovery, mental health services.

Our advanced practice medical services have been designed with the whole person and also family unit medical needs. Through a patient-centric approach, we provide only the highest level of care with top-of-the-line and evidence-based treatments.

Generational Wellness specializes in integrative approaches for several psychiatric complications. As medical professionals and counselors, we prescribe different therapies to help those afflicted with complex mental and behavioral health issues. We engage in collaborative efforts with the care recipient to fully dole out the most effective method of treatment.

Since we are outcomes-based when determining positive changes, we advocate goal-setting in all our programs for stabilization, relapse prevention, interventions, and more to complete healthier lives. We believe that each patient is unique that is why we make sure to personalize our care plans that best fit their needs.

Furthermore, we offer effective outpatient, individualized, psychological care. We treat a number of mental health disorders, including alcohol dependence.

Our psychological care includes initial psychiatric/substance abuse evaluation, electronic medication prescription, brief counseling/education on disease processes, and medication management with ongoing care that includes lab work, and level monitoring. We work with your, case managers, PCP and we can provide specialty referrals.

Our office and telehealth based visits include but not limited to Psychiatric/substance abuse follow-up assessment, medication titration (prescribed electronically), brief disease process and medication counseling/education, lab work, and level monitoring.

We work with our clients PCP for case management needs and specialty referrals.

Dr. Rosa Norris
Dr. Rosa Norris

Meet the Owner

Dr. Rosa Norris comes to Generational Wellness with over 28 years of experience in several health institutions. Our Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner understands the importance of quality care and is ready to work with you to achieve your healthcare goals.

“I have a personal mission to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness, my plan includes educating and parenting with members in my community.”

“I believe wellness is defining one’s own idea and goals of health. People are multi-dimensional and are not mere duplicates of one another each person must be recognized as a unique individual capable of wellness.”

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Our provider is an ANCC board-certified psychiatry as a mental health nurse practitioner. Dr. Rosa has years of experience in psychiatric wellness.

Our Mission Statement

Generational Wellness, PLLC will provide convenient, high quality, Psychiatric health care services for Goodyear and surrounding communities serving adults and adolescents seeking prevention, treatment and recovery, and mental health services.

Our Vision Statement

Generation a wellness will continue on a path to provide world class behavioral health care services. We will be the providers of choice for Arizona community members seeking health and wellness optimization, for all behavioral health issues.

We are currently being credentialed for more Health plans. CASH patients are welcome.

Get in touch. To learn more, book a consultation with one of our experienced Board-Certified Doctoral Nurse Practitioners or simply stop by. Connect with us today.