Meet Your Care Team

Greetings from the professionals of Generational Wellness each team member has been carefully selected to partner with you on your journey to Wellness.

The professional clinicians think outside the box and above all create patient centered integrated behavioral health services. We provide therapeutic, convenient, high quality health care, and psychiatric care services individualized for each person in our care. Your go to west valley community’s provider serving all Arizona residents.

Teresa Whitehead

Teresa Whitehead, MS, CDBT, MS Substance Abuse & Addictions Therapist

Teresa is a dedicated, empathic, caring, compassionate, and enthusiastic, Behavioral Health Professional. She has many years of experience in counseling and life coaching. She is highly detailed and adept at providing sound therapeutic modalities, having success maintaining client repour and respect. Teresa has a proven ability to thrive in all environments and grow with a team mindset having a positive outlook on all client successes. Her well-developed interpersonal skills coupled with outstanding verbal and written communication skills, make her professional and respectful.

Teresa has vast experience working with Mental, Emotional, Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse & Addiction Therapy for adults and teens in group homes, and clinical and hospital settings. She has facilitated clinical training for staff members at group homes and sober living residentials. She has also facilitated group sessions and individual therapy for those who have been designated SMI (Seriously Mentally Ill) and those diagnosed with co-occurring issues.

Working in a chemical dependency and Mental health hospital, Teresa was led to become an Addiction and Substance Abuse Therapist where she developed the 28 Day rehab program using CBT, DBT, and other modalities to help patients build relapse prevention plans, learn their triggers, and write letters to say goodbye to their addiction. Teresa is dedicated to working closely with patients every step of the way from detox to recovery, collaborating with patients on their treatment plans, and building on their psychosocial perspective, using a person-first approach.

Susan Powell

Susan Powell MS Substance Abuse & Addictions Therapist

Susan is a professional counselor with a Master of Addiction Counseling, which she earned in 2015 from Grand Canyon University, a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Dependency Counseling earned in 2012 at Grand Canyon University, and an Associate of Science in Chemical Dependency Counseling earned in 2010 at Rio Salado Community College. Susan is a skilled, master-level clinician, treating trauma, addiction, and sexualized behaviors. Susan’s main modalities for treatment for persons seeking help are CBT and Reality/Choice Theory. She has over 7 years of experience working with adolescent males with a wide variety of behavioral and emotional struggles. Susan is certified as a Trauma Therapist and Sexual Maladaptive Treatment Provider. Personal Statement, “I believe that change can occur if you are ready and willing.”