BPD and Its Complicated Symptoms


Borderline Personality Disorder, commonly abbreviated as BPD- is a mental illness marked by severe emotional dysregulation. With this type of mental illness, mood swings related to this- often last for hours to days. Early trauma and brain chemistry are often associated with a borderline personality disorder. However, this does not have to be related to bipolar disorder (BD) since they are relatively different.

As a provider of psychology services in Arizona, we understand that while BPD is closely like BD, it is best to know the symptoms of such illness. BPD portrays three divisions of symptoms, and these are:

  1. Affective Symptoms include:
    • fear of abandonment
    • instability of emotions
    • mood swings
    • the infamous feeling of emptiness
  2. For impulsive-behavioral symptoms, it shows:
    • impulsive behaviors
    • instances of self-harm like suicide attempts
    • explosive anger
    • unstable relationships
  3. Cognitive-perceptual symptoms
    • losing connection with reality
    • low resistance to stress
    • loss of identity
    • feeling suspicious

If you have experience with most of the symptoms, a licensed professional can help you treat the said illness. Usually, BPD is treatable through dialectal behavioral therapy. Do you want to be properly assisted? Generational Wellness, PLLC is a trusted provider of mental wellness in Goodyear, Arizona.

We focus more on understanding the needs of our patients and providing a solution to help them attain their independence. If you need and seek counseling from a professional to help you navigate life, don’t hesitate to visit. We are ready to listen and help you.

If you have further concerns, call us to know more about us and our services.

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